Defendant Episode 9 Spoiler, Prediction: Ji Sung’s Character Jeong Woo Remembers Cha Min Ho, Still Plans on Breaking out of Prison

In Defendant episode 9, Jeong Woo (Ji Sung) will pretend not to remember Cha Min Ho (Um Ki Joon). On the other hand, the latter wants to know what Jeong Woo is up to.

As shown in episode 8, the innocent defendant is planning to break out of prison. He even let his lawyer know about his plan, so that he could get back his daughter. With this, he would surely try to clear his name. But his priority is to get back Ha Yeon (Shin Rin Ah).

Meanwhile, Cha Min Ho even takes the responsibility of Yeon Hee’s hitting a pedestrian. It is to know what Jeong Woo is planning to do. The latter did not pursue his final appeal to the court to plead not guilty. And so he also requested to be placed in the same cell as the ex-prosecutor. This way, he could keep an eye on him and know what Jeong Woo is up to.

As for Eun Hye (Kwon Yu Ri), she will still do her best to help Jeong Woo so that he would get through this hard times in his life. She might just discover something else as she investigates further.

With Ha Yeon already revealed to be still alive, Lee Sung Kyu (Kim Min Seok) is still going to hide the kid. He would not come forward and turn himself in, as of yet. He is still contemplating on this. It seems that he is merely asked to abduct the child, while Min Ho killed Jeong Woo’s wife.

Whether or not Kang Jun Hyuk (Oh Chang Seok) listens to his conscience is still to be seen. Perhaps it would happen in the later episodes, however. He would later reveal about his presence at Jeong Woo’s house late that night before the murder. As it is, he is just afraid that the crime would fell on him, although he is innocent. He did not want it to happen, which is the reason why he left out other evidence that could implicate him.

All this and more might be seen in the next episode of the K-drama. Defendant airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. Episode 9 will be aired on Feb. 20.

Photo source: Facebook/Defendant


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