Defendant Episode 7 Spoiler, Prediction: Jeong Woo to have new Hope; Eun Hye does her Best to Help her Client

In Defendant episode 7, Park Jeong Woo (Ji Sung) is going to have a hope that he did not commit the murder of his family. Also, Eun Hye (Kwon Yu Ri) is not going to give up in helping her client to win the case.

Lee Sung Kyu (Kim Min Seok), on the other hand, just to stop Jeong Woo from killing himself admitted that he killed his family. Whether or not he is the murdered will be seen in the next episodes. However, it is more likely that he merely distracted Jeong Woo from hanging himself.

Meanwhile, in the promo, it shows Kang Jun Hyuk (Oh Chang Seok) walking in the hallway. With this, a voice is saying that, “I will find the body and send her back to her family.” This might refer to Ha Yeon (Shin Rin Ah), whose body is still not found. Afterward, he is seen talking to their corrupt chief prosecutor, who is laughing. He said, “It’s not like you are as competent as Jeong Woo.” Perhaps he meant by Jun Hyuk going to be sent to the U.S. for the dream job, which was supposedly Jeong Woo’s before the murder.

Meanwhile, Eun Hye approached Jun Hyuk. She said, “Are you satisfied?” He answered, “The trial is over.” But she said that it is not. It seems that she has found another lead to defend her client from death sentence.

Just when Jeong Woo is being transported by jail guards, Eun Hye approached them. The two of them talked. Jeong Woo reminded her not to trust her clients if she wants to win. However, she might just do otherwise. Deep inside, she believes that he is not the murderer.

Afterward, Jeong Woo is seen facing the psychiatrist. Then he covered her mouth. Could it be that he is trying to escape? If not, he just might need her help.

Meanwhile, a woman is seen in Defendant episode 7 teaser. She said, “Seon Ho, it’s me.” Perhaps this woman could stir another problem for Cha Min Ho (Um Ki Joon), who is now living as his twin brother. Could it be Seon Ho’s mistress?

Then Min Ho’s underling that does the dirty job for him is seen in the promo. He seems to be looking for Jeong Woo and the psychiatrist. Min Ho is surprised, asking if the ex-prosecutor regained his memories.

Defendant airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. Episode 7 will be aired on Feb. 13.

Photo source: Facebook/Defendant

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