Cross Episode 5, Episode 6 Spoiler, Theory: In Kyu Can’t Save the Child and Gets Arrested?


Cross episode 4 made us grab the edge of our seats. While In Kyu (Go Kyung Po) is trying to escape and saving the child, the organ transplant is still looming over his head. How he’s going to do everything he can to save patients in the next episode will keep viewers bite their nails.

In Cross episode 5 and episode 6, viewers will be in for another set of thrilling scenes. In Kyu is seen dropping his butt onto a seat after perhaps trying to save the girl he brought to the ER. After his all-out effort, he might not be able to save the girl. If he can, it will be like a thorn taken out from his side. That will be good news! (Hopefully. Fingers crossed.)

Meanwhile, Hyung Bum’s colleague in the organ black market makes a mess in In Kyu’s apartment. He is throwing everything around. They now know that the young surgeon came to work in prison with a hidden agenda.

In prison, Hyung Bum is having a seizure. It seems that In Kyu’s “medication” has taking a toll on his body. But since the K-drama is still far from ending, for sure the antagonist will be saved in time. Oddly, maybe it’s still In Kyu who is going to save his life.

Back in Sunlim Hospital, the center chief seems to have a problem with his body. While doing the surgery, his hand quivers. Other doctors may have noticed this.

As In Kyu is perhaps going to the surgery, a police/detective stops him on his tracks. For sure, it has got something to do with the tip he sent about the illegal extraction of organs. The latter wants him to come to the police precinct for some questions.

In the preview, back in prison, Hyung Bum gives the chief doctor’s son some chocolate, which he is not supposed to eat. He and In Kyu face each other once again for another consultation. Whether this is before or after the antagonist’s seizure still remains to be seen. He is trying to attack In Kyu but the doctor defends himself. The former asks, “Are you confident?” In Kyu answers, “Of course.” It is theorized that Hyung Bum now knows In Kyu’s motive. (If it is not with regards to his revenge, then it is about the doctor’s motive on bringing the organ syndicate down.)

Cross airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 PM KST on tvN. Episode 5 and episode 6 will air on Feb. 12 and Feb 13, respectively.

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