Arrival Review: Jeremy Renner Supports Amy Adams in Sci-Fi Drama

Here is a unique sci-fi drama, Arrival, which brings a new and mind-boggling story about aliens and humans’ communication. Amy Adams secures the main role as expert linguist Louise Banks, while Jeremy Renner supports her in the role of Ian Donnelly.

There were 12 mysterious spacecraft touch downs across the world. With this, Forest Whitaker who plays Col. Weber has tasked her to interpret what the aliens want with humans and why they arrived on Earth.

The new science fiction story portrayed in the movie is rather unusual compared to other alien invasion and sci-fi movies. The Arrival film is different and fresh altogether.

Communication with the aliens that is depicted in the movie certainly digs into the depths of the viewers’ minds. A number of questions have been asked in this story such as “Why have the aliens come here?”, “What do they want with humans?” and “Why do they want to help the human race?”

As Louise Banks bravely approached the two unknown extraterrestrial beings, viewers wonder how and what will happen next. The way the ETs communicated through symbols was brilliantly portrayed! Meanwhile, she had to race against time to find the answers with the help of Dr. Donnelly as the world is in the brink of a global crisis – global war against these aliens as China declared war.

Directed by Denis Villenueve and written by Eric Heisserer, the 116-minute runtime of Arrival definitely gave its worth of storytelling to the sci-fi lovers. Other stars contributed to the box office success were Tzi Ma as General Shang, Michael Stuhlbarg as Agent Halpern and Mark O’Brien as Captain Marks.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Arrival


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