Apple iPhone X 256 GB 24K Gold Aristocrat Edition

Aurum Edition has been founded by Dmitry Lischina. The company is specialized in creating unique iPhones, plated with 24K gold, diamonds and exotic animal leather.


The Ukrainian company Aurum Edition sells on eBay an exquisite Apple iPhone X 256 GB 24K Gold Aristocrat Edition. The iPhone’s back panel is soft touch, made of black alligator leather that is wear proof. The smartphone’s body is plated with 24K gold. The gold and leather taken together embody stylish luxury and perfect taste.


The back panel elements are gold plated. The back parts, sides and Apple logo have unique hand engraving made by technology used for engraving on weapons. The look of the iPhone X 256 GB Gold Aristocrat Edition is attractive, surprising, and mysterious. This masterpiece is a classic combination of colors and textures with an elegant outlook.


Flawlessly bright and stylish, this iPhone X Gold Aristocrat Edition will greatly add to you image. It can become a stylish addition both in everyday life as well as in business and everyday life, emphasizing the refined taste of its owner.


The company is popular among fans of jewelry art and exclusive gadgets all over the world. This Ukrainian company is engaged in modding watches, mobile phones, and other devices, transforming them into gorgeous pieces of art. Each smartphone is made with great taste. This applies to coverage, materials, and down to the smallest detail.


The company guarantees the highest quality of its products. They are using exclusively “native” details, only original spare parts of the buttons, case, sim-holders, etc. The phones are covered with precious metals such as platinum, pink and yellow gold.


The masters of the Aurum Edition work out manually every detail. Among their specialists are designers, engineers, and specialists in precious metals. Their experience and expertise allow them create truly unique gadgets. If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, Aurum Edition’s unique creations might be the best thing to try.

Amber McLean

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