Bella Devyatkina: 4-Year-Old Girl From Russia Speaks 7 Languages Fluently

Angelina Bella Devyatkina, 4, left the audience in awe after speaking in seven different languages without a prominent accent.

Bella Devyatkina recently appeared on a Russian TV talent show Udivitelniye Lyudi, which translates to Amazing People, where she spoke seven different languages while answering questions based on a school curriculum in all these languages.

The audience and judges were stunned with her performance. Evgeny, one of the judges, said, “When I saw just what I’ve seen, I understood how stupid I am.”

Since then, Bella’s video on the said reality show spread online like wildfire, amazing the entire world and catapulting her to fame.

Bella Devyatkina speaks languages belonging to three different groups: Indo-European (Russian, French, English, Spanish, German), Semitic (Arabic) and Sino-Tibetan (Chinese) – which in short, implies that they are altogether different to each other and need auxiliary likenesses.

However, this did not prevent Bella from thinking unmistakably in every language and she correctly answered age-appropriate questions on the show, as well as some material from the school curriculum. School begins at seven years old for Russian children, which is still three years away for Bella.

Yulia Devyatkina, Bella’s mom, said that they began teaching her Russian and English when she was just two and saw her enthusiasm for semantics, RT reports.

They began adding more languages to her step by step. She now studies with native speakers.

Some internet users blamed Bella’s mom for stripping the girl of her childhood, yet Anna Semenovich, neuropsychologist, advised KP Daily there was nothing to stress over.

“If the girl is learning languages through curiosity, if her parents managed to build a schedule that works as a game – it will only benefit her. She’s not studying, she’s playing!” Semenovich said.

Furthermore, the specialist said it is too soon to tell whether Bella is genuinely a polyglot or not, on the grounds that it is regular for children to pick languages up – it is the manner by which they develop with age that matters.

“In pre-revolutionary Russia, if a child from a noble family couldn’t speak three-four languages by the age of five or six, it was a shame to take him out. Then in school Latin and ancient Greek were added to those. So five-six languages were a standard package for an educated youth back in 19th-century Russia,” Semenovich added.

Check out the video that made Bella rose to fame here:

Photo: Youtube/Screenshot