10 Things To Do When Traveling By Train

There are people who prefer to travel by train than by bus, ferry or plane. And, of course, when there is no other option to pick in the first place. While traveling by train, these are the things that you should do to avoid boredom because of long hours of travel.

1. Document. Documenting your travel can be fun. You can either take videos or pictures of the great views outside your window — that is, if it is daytime. Instead of just watching the views, why not document them and peruse them when you are feeling nostalgic of your travel?


2. Sleep. Other people who do not know what to do because of the long travel tend to sleep their time away. Well, that is one way of spending a long trip.

3. Read. You can either have a book, laptop or tablet with you to spend your time when traveling by train. Nowadays, modern trains have Wi-Fis and power outlets to plug your devices if you need to recharge. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about having problems with low battery. Just don’t forget your charger!


4. Play. If you are feeling bored and you long to get engrossed in something fun, you can play some games on your laptop, tablet or cell phone.

5. Reflect. Usually, this is the time when you can reflect about your life, the nature around you as you pass by some great views. It is the time when you can appreciate nature’s beauty; you may also wonder how people live when you pass by a village or city along the way when traveling by train.


6. Build new relationships. Some solo travelers meet other solo travelers. This way, they can make new friends and enjoy the ride together while getting to know each other. However, if you don’t want to talk to strangers because of some personal beliefs or something, you can skip making new friends.

7. Bond. If you have a travel companion (or a number of them like family or friends), traveling by train is also worth it as you can bond with them either through picture taking or taking videos of each other or just plainly having some conversation.

8. Create. Personally, I do not only enjoy watching the beautiful views while traveling by train. I do not only do the first four but I also try to be creative. Artists like painters or writers usually become inspired when they are being reflective and they usually use all their five senses to experience to be able to create something beautiful, exciting and wonderful. This is being productive while enjoying the travel, especially when it is a long trip.


9. Meditate. Spiritual people can also spend their time meditating while traveling. However, this can also be difficult if they happen to have co-travelers who are loud and noisy. And yet, it can still be done by using ear phones to minimize the noise and instead listen to the music for meditation to be able to concentrate.

10. Pray. As for the spiritual and religious people, they say that when having a trip, it is their longest prayer time. It is the time for them to get closer to the One above.

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Amber McLean

Amber McLean

I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.
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Amber McLean

I love to watch K-dramas and write articles and novels.